Jikken Technology approach each customer with the same proposition - how can we bring new business to your business. If we can help make your business more successful then we will also be successful.

Our solutions often focus on web based applications however we can also offer solutions that reach out to your customers and engage them through email and social media. Our goal is for your customers to think of you first.


More organisations are investing in cloud based technology. There can be many benefits gained by adopting cloud based solutions, identifying the value for your business is where the challenge lies.

A first step is to understand your business and it's processes to see where value can be gained. Adoption of cloud may be as simple as hosting your website off-site, or as complex as hosting your data centre and applications off-site.

There are many steps in between these cases, for example, specific applications are hosted in the cloud. The most common of these are CRM tools - we all know Salesforce - but there are many other tools that can be deployed in the cloud


Mobile means many different things - at Jikken Technology we take the view that you want to be able to work any where and any time.

To make this possible we develop an ecosystem that use the best cloud solutions to integrate into your business environment and workflow.


While we can develop a strong solution for your business needs from selected cloud technologies there is always some thing extra that can make your business excel.

Our solutions can include custom software for your web or mobile application. We have experience in many web based technologies needed to develop your application. We can incorporate payment gateways, databases and design into a seamless, dynamic web application.

Our Clients

Website development and email marketing
CRM Consulting
WordPress at Apollo Blinds
Website development and email marketing
Website development and email marketing