About Us

Technology can be complex - our goal is to help you understand what is possible and to select the best technology the delivers what your business needs - not the latest shiny buzz words. We are passionate about understanding who you are and how you measure your success.

A great application starts with listening - understanding what your customers expect and meeting that expectation. This works on all levels and includes the interactions we have with you - our customer.


Designing and building a robust application requires a robust and flexible architecture. At the core of the systems supporting your application is Linux and BSD. THese environemts help build great applications servers, firewalls, database servers and load balancers. All of the essential systems to keep your application running.

Building a first class experience needs more than skills in HTML. You need skills across a number of technologies to create a responsive and dynamic application. We bring experience and knowledge of many of the tools used in the building of these applications, from Ruby to PHP and Javascript.

We use a number of frameworks to help build a robust and consistent application that include Bootstrap and Ramaze.

User Experience

The user experience is more than an interaction with your website - it is about how your company interacts with the internet. Your presence in the environment help reinforce your value to your customers. Your presence and activity on Facebook, Google, YouTube and many more social media platforms helps find new customers and builds your customer's loyalty.

Not on the list?
Other skills we can draw on include Lean development, story mapping, Ruby on Rails, WordPress, Social Marketing and many flavours of CRM and Sales Automation. At the systems level we can design and implement complete Enterprise Architectures.

Our Process

Identify requirements and solutions.

The planning phase clarifies the project objectives and ensures the right resources can be committed to the project

Co-ordinate development and integration.

Once a project has been initiated the focus shifts to delivering the project on schedule and within budget.

Implement and Manage.

At this stage our application is ready to go and we hand over to production support. In the early part of this phase we monitor the functionality to identify potential improvements.